All Points Bulletin
Released n/a
<br>APB blends fast-paced third-person action, deep customization, and meaningful achievement to create a unique Persistent Online Multiplayer experience. Utilizing cutting edge technology, APB creates a 'living, breathing' city where players clash - on foot and in vehicles - to determine the future of fictional metropolis San Paro. Enforcers and Criminals continually vie for control each player chooses a side, then takes on progressively complex missions to earn experience, build a squad and earn city-wide notoriety. APB includes an industry-leading customization engine, enabling every player to express his or her individuality by creating visually unique characters and vehicles. APB also allows players to design and share their own content like clothing designs or vehicle liveries, unprecedented in the online games space. APB is a ground-breaking online game from Dave Jones, the creator of GTA and Realtime Worlds, developers of award-winning Xbox 360 title Crackdown.