Ben 10: Alien Force
Released n/a
In the beginning, Ben's aliens have a small number of weak and ineffective combos, but after defeating some bosses, Ben unlocks more powers for his aliens, but unlike in Ben 10 Protector of Earth, the master control cannot be unlocked, so it is limited to chrono boosts for the Omnitrix. Attack combos can be unlocked collecting Omnitrix points. Limited power boosts or invincibility can be gathered, as well as bonuses to make the Omnitrix recharge faster. Wii controls are the player's choice between gestures, button pushing or a combination of both. There are eight playable levels, each taking about twenty minutes to complete.

DS gameplay is similar, albeit being limited to side-scrolling action. The Omnitrix, as in the DS version of Ben 10: Protector of Earth, is controlled using the touch-screen or the L of R buttons. However, there is no time limit to the Omnitrix's use, and no recharge function, so you can be a particular alien from the beginning of the level to the end if you wanted. To switch forms, you need to tap the Omnitrix's hologram projector to switch back to Ben, and then cycle through alien heroes and select the one you want to be.