Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing
Released n/a
The magical adventure of a lifetime has arrived, so grab your broomstick and take to the skies! Enjoy hours of fun racing through the skies in the completing in 6 amazing challenges, including the Broomstick Grand Prix, the addictive Orb domination, the Wizard Grand Prix and the Hoop Chase. Save the Wizards Castle by defeating the Evil Dragons and capturing the run-away spell books that have escaped from the Library of Magic. Explore the environment to discover hidden rocket broomsticks and endless options to race, chase and shoot. Master magical spells to attack evil dragons that have taken over the skies. Play alone to unlock extra game modes and levels, then hook up with your friends to play in the insane multi-player levels allowing up to 4 players to lock brooms. Choose from 8 unique wannabe wizards each with special attributes. Enjoy over 30 levels and 6 unique games modes for hours of magical action!