Coded Arms
Released n/a
A user progresses through the game by completing sectors. Sector 00 consists of one battlefield (Training) with 3 levels that serve to familiarize the user with the game. Sector 01 consists of three battlefields (City, Base and Ruins) and each battlefield has 6 levels. Sector 02 also has three battlefields consisting of 13 levels each with a boss at the 13th level of each battlefield. Sector 03 consists of one battlefield (Infinity) which has an unlimited amount of levels to it. There has been a lot of debate over whether or not there are an infinite amount of levels, but technically there isn't as an infinite number can't be present in a finite space. There's currently no proof whether there are more than 1000 levels yet. The difficulty of the game increases as the user progresses through the sectors. All of the levels in the game are randomly generated when you access them.