Halo 3: ODST
Released n/a
Developed exclusively for Xbox 360 by acclaimed developer Bungie, 'Halo 3: ODST' is a new game in the 'Halo' saga that lets people experience events leading up to the epic story told in 'Halo 3' through the eyes of an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper), as they search for clues leading to the whereabouts of their scattered squad and the motivations behind the Covenant'sinvasion of New Mombasa. The release adds a new dimension to an all-encompassing universe that gamers around the world have known and loved for close to eight years.'Halo 3: ODST' also introduces Firefight, a new cooperative multiplayer* mode where up to four players can assume the role of an ODST squad and fight together to take on increasingly challenging waves of enemies. Also included are three new 'Halo 3' multiplayer maps on a 2nd standalone disc, which includes all original 'Halo 3' maps, as well as the 'Legendary,' 'Heroic,' and 'Mythic' Map packs for a total of 24 maps.'Halo 3: ODST' is available for pre-order in both a standard package and a 'Halo 3: ODST Collector's Pack' which includes the game and a new and exclusive Wireless Controller. Those that pre-order 'Halo 3: ODST' at participating retailers worldwide will receive a token to unlock Sgt. Johnson as a playable character in Firefight.* Xbox LIVE Gold account required for online multiplayer gameplay