Killer Instinct
Released n/a
Killer Instinct is a return to the series which retains its traditional combo-based gameplay. The main mechanic of combos are the "Auto-Double" (button presses following special attacks will create automatic combo hits instead of each individual hit requiring player input), as well as "Manuals". A signature feature of Killer Instinct, the Ultra Combo, is included (an Ultra Combo is an automatic combo that can only be done to end a match and consists of a long string of attacks). "Combo Breakers" also return (attacks that, when timed properly, can stop a combo), with the new addition of "Counter Breakers" (the ability to reverse a Combo Breaker into a "Lockout" instead, the failure state of a Combo Breaker which prevents another breaker attempt for three seconds). A two-segmented super meter enables the use of "Shadow" moves that have upgraded hit properties and can cause more damage/combo hits.