Power Gig: Rise of the SixString Band Kit
Released n/a
The next evolution of band games is coming your way this fall with Power Gig: Rise of the SixString - the first game to feature a real electric guitar controller! The game immerses players in a rock and roll universe where music is might and rockers battle each other in a struggle for power and freedom. You and two of your friends take on the role of rocker heroes as you attempt to unite and retake the world from the oppressive rule of the Headliner.The game features a set of revolutionary new instrument peripherals: the SixString Guitar Controller, AirStrike Drum Controller and MojoVox Microphone. The SixString Guitar pulls you into a more authentic rock experience with real strings instead of buttons and lets you take the experience even further through Power Chord mode, which blends real power chords into gameplay. The icing on the cake - the SixString is also a fully functional real electric guitar that can be plugged into any standard guitar amp!The AirStrike Drum takes you away from the bulky and noisy drum controllers on the market by integrating breakthrough sensing technology in the sticks and the base unit that lets you play the game using natural drumming motions to strike the target zones in the air above the base. The AirStrike Drum can even tell which stick you are using, opening up gameplay possibilities never seen before in band games. And when you're done rocking, its compact design lets you store it or take it almost anywhere.The MojoVox Mic gives you the chance to unleash your voice and tap into the power of rock and roll sing it loud and proud as you show the world how it's done, one song at a time. Power Gig ups the ante on the music front with a host of killer tracks, led by three music superstars that are exclusive to our game - Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band and Kid Rock. This marks the first time ever that master recordings of songs from each of the three artists will appear as part of a band video game. Power Gig will also feature a host of songs from major label artists and emerging talent from the indie scene, many of which available for the first time ever in music games.