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Jun. 21st by Taylor Lyles from IGN
Retro gaming subscription service Antstream Arcade is launching an official iPhone and iPad app on the App Store next week.
Mika’s beloved tale comes to Xbox for the first time, with updated graphics and a new photo mode. Explore Kaltenbach, bond with Windstorm, and uncover hidden secrets. Embark on a journey like no oth...
Jun. 21st by Alex Stedman from IGN
Microsoft has just addressed Black Myth: Wukong's delay on Xbox Series X/S, issuing a brief statement on the matter today.
Jun. 21st by Jordan Ramée from GameSpot
Still in early access, Evil Empire's The Rogue Prince of Persia is already an entertaining 2D roguelike, building a world composed of vibrant colors and dozens of monstrous soldiers that are ever-so-d...
The post How Working with Theatre Actors Enhanced our Indie Horror/Mystery NightGhast appeared first on Xbox Wire....
Jun. 21st by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
A Cyberpunk 2077 fan has perfectly recreated armor worn by the game's trauma team, the dystopian, gun-wielding paramedics, down to a working face mask.
The post How Throne and Liberty is Becoming the Console MMORPG for Everybody appeared first on Xbox Wire....
Jun. 21st by Ryan McCaffrey from IGN
With Blue Prince, the first release from up-until-now film studio Dogubomb, that metagaming sense of not quite having the full picture in mind perfectly mirrors the in-game activity of exploring a pro...
Jun. 21st by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
Thousands of Elden Ring players have rushed to beat Mohg, Lord of Blood after developer FromSoftware revealed the optional boss must be defeated before expansion Shadow of the Erdtree can be accessed.
Jun. 21st by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
Fortnite has become the unlikely focus of excitement among Lego Island fans after Pepper Roni himself popped up in the game.
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Jun. 21st by Meg Koepp from IGN
IGN's Shadow of the Erdtree map is here! Our interactive Elden Ring DLC map tracks every boss in the Land of Shadow, so you know exactly where to go to defeat them. The best part? It doesn't j...
Jun. 21st by Matt Kim from IGN
No Nintendo console has done more for Metroid and Samus than the Switch, which not only has the series' greatest games, but could be the foundation for future success.
Jun. 21st by Kevin Lee from IGN
Whether you play Switch games in handheld or console mode, these are the best controllers for Nintendo's latest system.
Jun. 21st by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
The developer of Witcher 3 has congratulated the developer of Elden Ring after the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion overtook Blood and Wine to become the best-reviewed expansion ever.
Jun. 21st by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
Elden Ring expansion Shadow the Erdtree will seemingly feature developer FromSoftware's toughest ever bosses, as toning down the difficulty would "break the game itself" according to game director Hid...
Jun. 21st by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
Someone has made a mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which replaces beloved horse companion Roach with a vicious fiend for Geralt to ride around The Continent.
Jun. 21st by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
A Red Faction sequel was in the works at the Embracer-owned developer of Galaxy On Fire and Chorus before it was hit by layoffs, according to a new report.
Jun. 21st by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
If you're concerned that a little "ting" of euphoria didn't sound when you beat that really hard boss in Elden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree, it's actually intentional. FromSoftware's highly an...
Jun. 21st by Chris Reed from IGN
If you could use some ideas for board game night, check out these great picks for our favorite board games for adults.
Jun. 21st by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
Minecraft developer Mojang has released a native PlayStation 5 version in preview form, bringing it in-line with the Xbox Series X and S version.
Jun. 20th by Michael Cripe from IGN
Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki is interested in developing a more traditional Japanese RPG, but if such a project does come to be, don’t expect it to be based on a select few past FromSoftwar...
Jun. 20th by Dave Johnson from IGN
The world can be a scary place for an unprotected Nintendo Switch, so protect your portable console with one of the best cases.
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The post Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases City Update VIII: Las Vegas appeared first on Xbox Wire....
Hello, Xbox community! We’re excited to announce that now through June 25, you can enjoy big discounts on our popular outdoor simulation games, theHunter: Call of the Wild and Call of the Wild: The ...