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Jul. 15th by Michael Cripe from IGN
Genshin Impact is facing more accusations of cultural appropriation and whitewashing, and some of its voice actors are asking publisher HoYoverse to make changes.
Jul. 12th by Peer Schneider from IGN
Forgotten Gems is a regular column about notable games that have moved out of the public eye and may not be easily accessible anymore. To see all the other games I've covered so far, be sure to ch...
Jul. 12th by Isaiah Colbert from IGN
PlayStation Stars appears to be be working once again after being mysteriously out of commission for over a month.
Jul. 12th by Tom Marks from IGN
It’s still early, but so far this alien survival-crafting game is as fun as it is weird. 
Jul. 12th by Rebekah Valentine from IGN
WWE is coming to Call of Duty for a heavy-hitting crossover in Season 5, which now has a release date of July 24.
Jul. 12th by Eric Song from IGN
Get a Switch Lite and Animal Crossing for only $159
Jul. 12th by Isaiah Colbert from IGN
The International Olympic Committee has announced that Saudi Arabia will host the inaugural Olympic Esports Games in 2025. The IOC is reportedly eyeing partnerships with video game developers to inclu...
Jul. 12th by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
An Elden Ring modder is basically turning the entire game into Bloodborne through the implementation of trick weapons, parrying firearms, quick steps, a permanent night, and more spookiness.
Jul. 12th by Eric Song from IGN
This is the first time it's available here in the States
Jul. 12th by Alex Simmons from IGN
A look inside Star War Outlaws’ criminal underworld.
Jul. 12th from IGN
These are the best games for groups, from light-hearted party games to nerdy board games for friends to strategize on together!
Jul. 12th by Taylor Lyles from IGN
Fallout Yesterday is a new Fallout 2 mod that let's you play a fan-made version of the canceled Black Isle game codenamed Van Buren.
Jul. 12th by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
Chinese megacorp has announced plans to shut down Synced just a year after launch, signaling the end of another live service game in this increasingly competitive genre.
Jul. 12th by Aaron Lefohn from NVidia Blog
NVIDIA is taking an array of advancements in rendering, simulation and generative AI to SIGGRAPH 2024, the premier computer graphics conference, which will take place July 28 – Aug. 1 in Denver....
Jul. 12th by Ryan McCaffrey from IGN
GameMill Entertainment has announced The Karate Kid: Street Rumble, a 16-bit-styled multiplayer side-scrolling beat-'em-up. It's in development for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and it's...
Jul. 12th by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
Persona 4 Golden PC players who don't want to enjoy the remake's upgraded graphics can now turn back the clock with a mod which makes it look like the original PlayStation 2 game.
Jul. 12th by Emma Matthews from IGN
Join Dale, Emma, and Jesse for some galactic Star Wars Outlaws chat about the upcoming open-world Star Wars game coming this August. The trio also talk about heartwarming Apple TV show, Trying, which ...
Jul. 12th by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
The Nintendo Switch is now the longest running Nintendo home console ever after overtaking the Nintendo Entertainment System's record without being replaced.
Jul. 12th by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
The First Descendant has seen 10 million players in its first week of availability, a huge milestone that comes despite various controversies.
Jul. 12th by Wesley Yin-Poole from IGN
The developer of Steam hit Once Human has responded to a backlash about how cosmetics work and promised changes to the game.
Jul. 12th by Ryan Dinsdale from IGN
Ubisoft's apology for using a flag from a Japanese historical re-enactment group in artwork for Assassin's Creed Shadows without permission isn't good enough, the group has said.
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Jul. 11th by Dion Harris from NVidia Blog
Enhancing Japan’s AI sovereignty and strengthening its research and development capabilities, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) will integrate thousan...
Jul. 10th by Andy Bui from NVidia Blog
Improved cancer diagnostics — and improved patient outcomes — could be among the changes generative AI will bring to the healthcare industry, thanks to Paige, the first company with an FDA-approve...
Jul. 10th by Sama Bali from NVidia Blog
In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, generative AI is captivating imaginations and transforming industries.
Jul. 9th by Isha Salian from NVidia Blog
Sphere, a new kind of entertainment medium in Las Vegas, is joining the ranks of legendary circular performance spaces such as the Roman Colosseum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater — captivating aud...
Jul. 8th by Norm Marks from NVidia Blog
Artificial intelligence is transforming the transportation industry, helping drive advances in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. Waabi, a Toronto-based startup, is embracing generative AI to deliver...
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Jul. 3rd by Ethan Anderson from GameSpot
Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) is HoYoverse's third game launch in four years. You'd think that HoYo's formula would get stale with yet another free-to-play gacha RPG dropping just 15 months after the releas...