Sledge hammer
Sledge hammer
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You are at the mercy of a secret agency that has implanted a bomb inside your head. If you disobey orders, you die. At the hands of an unseen master you have become an unstoppable weapon of destruction, armed with mines, rockets, disc launchers, plasma guns, and more. Now you to decide what you treasure more: your freedom or your lust for destruction. Will you continue the carnage or go after the ultimate enemy whom you've never even seen?

Play as either the predator or prey, charging forth in a heavily armed monster truck
10 game modes including Race, Die Hard, Arena, Traffic Attack, and Turret
Over 31 different types of weapons to attack all that get in your path!
Rage meter shows you how much power you have to spend on boosts and Special Shots
More than 50 levels to pass and 20 gadgets to equip
Challenge up to 8 players online