Area 51
Area 51
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An unknown virus has been released inside Area-51, and HazMat Team Bravo has been assigned to clean it up. Once inside, the team discovers that the virus turns people into murderous mutants, and anyone killed by a mutant turns into a mutant themselves.

As the game progresses, members of Team Bravo are killed one by one by mutants, until only Ethan Cole, the player character, is left alive. Ethan is later bitten by a mutant, slowly turning him into a mutant. Later he finds a machine that gives him the ability to switch from being a mutant to a human. Eventually Ethan makes his way through the complex until he finds an alien spaceship several miles below the surface. He destroys the ship in an effort to stop production of the virus, which causes the Area-51 complex to collapse.

Throughout the game, players may use various weapons in order to defeat increasingly larger amounts of enemies. These weapons can be fired using one or both hands for increased firepower. Each weapon, can be used either as a melee aid, or for its intended purpose. In all cases, every weapon has two modes of firing, the first being a regular mode, while the second is a much more powerful mode of firing,(at the cost of accuracy, ammo etc.) Players may also use grenades in combat, one of a human make, and one of an alien design.

At a later stage in the game, once the player is infected, the option to turn into a mutant temporarily is obtained. Mutating offers a variety of benefits, such as increased strength, stamina, as well as the initial ability to fire health-replenishing parasites as well as the later ability to contaminate enemies, both at the cost of mutation time reduction. While in a mutant form, players can easily spot enemies, which would otherwise be cloaked to the regular human eye, albeit with a slight ocular defect.

Players can replenish health and mutagen, either through the use of medical syringes found throughout the game, or by using parasites and melee combat in the case of the former and latter respectively.

A notable aspect of gameplay is the ability to scan and analyse various objects and environments. This is possible by using the scanner present on the players suit, worn throughout the game. While using a scanner, the player has no access to weapons, apart from melee, and must switch to an available weapon in order to fight. Scanning provides detailed information on a players surroundings, as well as combated enemies.

The scanner, when equipped, adds a translucent bar to the players HUD, which changes in color and height from light blue, to deep red. This bar indicates how near or far a player is, to a scannable clue, red when the player is very close, and blue when very far. Items which are scanned are viewable in-game, providing insight into the workings of Area-51, as well as proving necessary to unlocking secret videos made by Dr.Cray or Mr.White