Burnout Legends
Burnout Legends
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In the game, you compete in a series of racing modes to unlock new tracks, cars, and events. The following list the 9 main types of modes in the game:
World Tour: Compete against other cars in different varieties of modes (see below). The world tour is divided by car types. Get a medal (Gold:1st place, Silver: 2nd place, Bronze: 3rd Place) in a series to unlock Grand Prix. Finish gold in grand prix to unlock next world tour series. World tour is the primary way to unlock cars.
Race: Race against up to four cars (world tour default is 4) in a 3 lap race on any track.
Eliminator: (Only accessible in world tour) Same as a race, only on each lap the lowest ranking car is eliminated. Race goes until one winner is left.
Face-Off: Race against a legend car to win the car.
Time Attack: Race against the clock. The goal is to complete a lap as fast as you can. You can do as many laps as you like.
Burning Lap: World tour version of time attack. You try to complete a lap by the medal time (Example: Finish before gold medal time 1:00:00 to earn gold medal).
Road Rage: Make other cars crash to earn takedowns. In world tour, you will have a time limit. You finish by running out of time on the clock or inflict too much damage.
Pursuit: You play as the cop. Try to take out the bad guy before time runs out or your health gets too low.
Crash: Compete in crash events to unlock new cars and levels. (Also in world tour.)