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In Wolfenstein you play B.J. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated member of the office of Secret Actions(OSA).

You are sent on a special mission into the heart of the Reich to investigate evidence of the Nazi's possession of a new and mysterious power.

While behind enemy lines, you discover they have done much more than develop a new weapon. The Nazis are harnessing the power of a dark parallel dimension called The Veil; in order to create a weapon of war-ending magnitude.

Move between the Nazi's dark reality and yours as you command an enormous arsenal of Resistance and Axis Weapons. You can also turn to the Black Market for weapon upgrades, or unleash the Nazis own dark powers and perverted science against them with supernatural weapons and Veil-enhanced firepower.

It is the year 1943. The Second World War is at its height. While Allied forces have stalled the expansion of Hitler's Third Reich, the Nazi war machine still has its boot on the throat of mainland Europe. Enter Heinrich Himmler's feared SS and its plan to master an occult force known as the Black Sun. With this mysterious power source at its disposal, no army on Earth could stand in the Reich's path. No army but the man who had single-handedly shut down Himmler's Ɯbersoldat program and thwarted the resurrection of ancient superhuman King Heinrich I, that is. Once again, the world requires the particular talents of special agent B.J. Blazkowicz.

Wolfenstein uses a massively improved version of id Software's id Tech 4 video game engine, the technology behind Doom 3 and Quake 4. The game is being developed by Raven Software for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The modifications to the game engine include depth of field effects, soft shadowing, post processing effects, Havok physics, as well as the addition of a supernatural realm, called The Veil. While in The Veil the player has access to certain special abilities, such as the power to slow down time, to get around obstacles that exist in the real world, or even to be able to defeat enemies that have an otherwise impenetrable shield. The multiplayer part of Wolfenstein is being developed by Endrant Studios.

The Multiplayer version of Wolfenstein is based on the same modified engine as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Although the Singleplayer and Multiplayer version of Wolfenstein are based on id Tech 4, both versions of the game will use heavily modified versions of the engine. No official information on Wolfenstein Multiplayer has been released, except for that it shares the name with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. However, the latest previews and interviews with Activision and id Software state that the multiplayer has nothing to do with Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory within the terms of gameplay.