Destiny 2 | Expansion II: Warmind
Destiny 2 | Expansion II: Warmind
Released May. 8th, 2018
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Bungie
Series: Destiny
Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind continues your Guardian’s journey with an all-new story. Ana Bray, a Guardian long thought lost, searches for a connection to her past…one that could be lost forever on the polar ice caps of Mars. As Golden Age warsats begin slamming into the ice, the glaciers begin to thaw, revealing the core of the Warmind Rasputin – and an ancient Hive army bent on its destruction. Now free, the Hive swarm in service to their god Xol. Help Ana discover her past and destroy the Hive’s gargantuan worm-god before it is too late.

- All-new Raid Lair: Spire of Stars
- New themed weapons, armor and gear to earn
- All-new ritual activity: Escalation Protocol
- All-new relic weapon, The Valkyrie
- New Strikes
- New story missions and adventures
- New destination polar ice caps of Mars
- Access to multiplayer arenas in Private Matches